Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions. However if you can’t find the answers you are looking for, you can still contact us!

When is next meeting?

At Empower Toastmasters club, we meet from 12.15pm to 1.45pm on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at Alliance française on Wireless Rd, close to the Australian Embassy, a short walk from MRT Lumpini, or a short drive from BTS Phloen Chit.

However you can check on Meetup, Facebook or join or Line group.

Do I need a certain level in English to take part?

There are no official requirements. An English-speaking Toastmasters club is also a good place to improve your English! However in order to benefit from the Educational Program (it is available in English only today; translation into other languages is ongoing), you should be able to understand and speak basic English.

Do I have to commit to come to each meeting?

Toastmasters is YOUR journey, you do it at your own pace.

However if you want to improve, we recommend you to be able to attend at least once a month, better twice.

How often do I have to speak? Is it compulsory to deliver speeches regularly?

First, as per previous question, attendance to the meetings is not compulsory. Then there are other ways to speak during a meeting without having to prepare a speech: for example you can take a role (be the timer, or an evaluator), or you can take part to tabletopics (impromptu speaking). These roles do not request any preparation ahead of time, or else very minimal.

At Empower, we suggest members to set their own goal (for example prepare and deliver a speech every 6 weeks), because delivering speeches will take a big part in your improvement in public speaking.

Do I receive an official certificate when I validate my level?

Toastmasters is not a pass/fail program. Every member is evaluated by other members, and awards are checked and submitted to Headquarter by your club committee members. When you complete a level, a letter can be sent to you or to your employer in order to report on your progress.

Is there any guidance for the speeches I will deliver?

Some projects will give you specific guidance on the topic and/or content of your speech, while others will just invite you to speak on a topic of your choice, but focus on a specific objective to improve the delivery.

About the speeches’ topics, you can find the answer on Toastmasters International website here, 4th question.

How much is it?

Each club has his own individual policy. You can find Empower Toastmasters’ club fees here.

What is the profil of other members of this club?

Empower Toastmasters club welcomes members for various professional backgrounds and nationalities. For example the club is composed of Thai, French, Indians, Irish, Australians, chinese, Americans, Russians…

Can I be mentored?

Toastmasters has its own mentoring system. As of now, Empower Toastmasters club has not put mentorship in place. But if you really would like to be mentored, we could try to find a mentor from another club for you, who could be able to attend our meetings from time to time.

What is the level of this club?

The clubs have no level, except “Advanced” clubs. Some members of Empower Toastmasters club have more than 2 years experience in Toastmasters, others just enrolled some weeks ago. We also regularly invite more experienced speakers to our meetings. What is important is that each member brings his own background, experience and judgement. Each member’s feedback will make others improve.

How do I validate my levels?

Your Educational program is online (however you can also ask for printed material if you prefer, with extra cost). When you enroll, you will be invited to spend 1 to 2 hours with another member who will explain you all you need to master the system, including validating your levels!

However the final validation will be submitted to Headquarter by the VP Education of the club.