Join Our Club

Join our club

First, non members are very welcome to join any time as guests, without any obligation to speak. This is the best way to understand how Toastmasters works! At Empower, we just ask a participation of 100 THB for the rental of the room, same as we ask to all members attending.

When you decide to become a member, you just have to fill the form, pay the fees, and a club committee member will register you online for you to have full access to the Education Program. Then it will be time to schedule and prepare your “icebreaker”, your very first speech at the club

Do you have to attend all the meetings when I am a member?

Toastmaster is a journey, and each member does it at their own pace. You attend as often as you can. Just be aware that the more often you attend, the faster you will improve. So check carefully that day, time and location of the meetings suit you!

How much is it ?

Membership fees are partly for Toastmasters International (Education program and support) and partly for the functioning of the club:

  • New member fee: 2000 THB – payable once, and only if you have never been a Toastmaster before
  • Membership fee: 1800 THB for 6 month (you pay a prorata amount for the remaining period, 4 months minimum)
  • Club meeting charge: 100 THB per meeting you attend

Contact us and visit us for more information!

10 good reasons to join, or at least visit:

  1. It’s something you must do once in your life
  2. You’ll be able to add a topic of discussion in dinners
  3. You’ll practice tabletopics and become the best in answering any difficult question
  4. You will add a line on your CV
  5. Public speaking is a skill, not a talent: you can learn it!
  6. You will find a friendly and encouraging atmosphere to gain confidence
  7. You’ll meet wonderful people there
  8. You’ll become part of a big worldwide network
  9. It’s free of charge the first time
  10. We eat delicious cakes during the break

Do it Right – Do it Now!