Our Method

A Toastmasters meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop in which participants hone their speaking and leadership skills in a no-pressure atmosphere.

There is no instructor in a Toastmasters meeting. Instead, members evaluate one another’s presentations. This feedback process is a key part of the program’s success.

A typical Toastmasters session consists in 3 main parts:

  • Prepared speeches: members deliver a prepared speech (usually 5 to 7 minutes) in front of their peers
  • Tabletopics (impromptu speeches): members are invited to speak 1 to 2 minutes on a topic given by the tabletopics master, without any preparation
  • Evaluations: all speakers are evaluated by different evaluators, all members of the club; Constructive evaluation is central to the Toastmasters philosophy. The evaluators will point out strengths as well as suggest improvements. Receiving – and giving – such feedback is a great learning experience. In Toastmasters, encouragement and improvement go hand-in-hand.

This organisation leads to many different possibilities given to the members to speak at a meeting, and therefore to improve. If they do not prepare a speech, they can still introduce the speakers, organize tabletopics etc. Furthermore, members can choose to serve as club officers in a variety of role and build real-life valuable leadership experience.

When you become a member, you can access to the Education Program called “Pathways”. Based on extensive research and member surveys, the program offers:

  • Learning paths tailored to personal and professional goals and relevant to an evolving global marketplace
  • New technological resources to improve speeches and support meeting roles
  • Mobile access to educational materials using smartphones and tablets
  • Expanded video and digital content to facilitate learning among our global community of members

The program offers you to choose between 10 possible paths that make you work on 5 core competencies:

Each path is divided into different projects you will work on. For each of them you will prepare a speech, deliver it at a club session and being evaluated. This is the learn-by-doing approach.