How it works

Learn how you can make progress in public speaking once you join Empower Toastmasters

Take the First Step, Visit our Club

You can expect to meet a diverse group of people who are like-minded in their passion for self-development. You can try your hand at improvised speaking in our meetings or simply observe how the sessions are designed to facilitate progress for club members. 

You are welcome to join as a guest as many times as you like. Public speaking is not a spectator sport though, right ? Once you feel ready to take the plunge, it’s time to …

Start your Journey, Become a Member

Approach the Vice President Membership at the club to learn more about membership structure. Upon signing up, you get access to a personalized online educational curriculum along with a rich pool of resources from Toastmasters International. 

At Empower you will receive a “new member kit” followed by a personal orientation session to help you get settled in. Soon, it will be time to take your first dive.

Take the Floor, Deliver your Ice Breaker

Every Toastmaster’s journey starts with their first speech, the Ice Breaker. In this 4-6 minute speech, you introduce yourself to your fellow club members who are eager to get to know you. Talking about oneself can be simultaneously easy and challenging. Worry not ! Plenty help is available, both through online resources as well an assigned “Buddy” who will troubleshoot any questions or qualms. Your first speech is done, you feel on top of the world, now what ?

Buckle up for the Ride, Embark on your Pathway

Toastmasters offers you a choice of 11 Paths based on your learning goals. Maybe you are looking for achieving mastery over presentations or sharpen your persuasion skills? Or maybe you would like to get better at adding humour to your speeches

Regardless of the path you choose, the secret sauce to public speaking is regular and deliberate practice. It’s time to buckle up and chart your progress through regular committed participation at your own pace. You will find yourself in the supportive company of fellow club members, each on their unique journey. As you start to make progress and tick off your starting goals, remind yourself to...

Paint your Canvas, Explore & Leverage Toastmasters

Prepare to be bedazzled by the opportunities for learning and growth you will encounter when you keep a curious and positive attitude. Sign up for roles in the meeting even if you need to face your fears Learn to lead and facilitate part or whole of the sessions. Take up projects that seem interesting to you and benefit the club. Join trainings/workshops at club level and beyond.  Serve in leadership positions when opportunity arises. Compete in speech contests. You will walk out richer in ways that are hard to fathom from the other side. 

If you’ve read until here, you have got to visit us at the club ! Join us for our upcoming meetings by registering HERE 

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