Meet Our Members

Empower community is from all over the world! Learn more about their experience.


"I was running a workshop to enroll suppliers in a UNICEF program - "Better Business for Children". I used a catchy introduction to hook audience interest. I practiced listening actively to the UNICEF speakers and made smooth transitions by summarizing the talk to make it engaging. I wrapped the session with an inspiring conclusion to get suppliers on board to sign up for the program implementation at their factory units. These are simply few of the skills I learnt at Empower Toastmasters."


"Toastmasters has played a transformational role in my life. It gives a structure to my days, not just my speeches. It has taught me how to be a good leader and opened my eyes to the power of working in teams, accomplishing bigger milestones than possible individually. It has given me the gift of relationships with a diverse group of people, formed on the basis of a shared work ethic that overrides superficial differences. It continues to offer room for growth by taking on new challenges. It's a gift that keeps giving !"


"At work I did not have a chance to speak in front of live audiences since I work remotely. By regularly participating at Empower, I feel that I've exercised my unused muscle and it boosts my career. Last year, I participated in the club speech evaluation contest and won the first prize. After just 5 speeches and one contest, I feel a lot better than before. I'm less nervous and can be myself in front of the audience. But that's just the starting point and I still have many more areas to be improved."

Our diverse and multicultural community of 20+ members come from all walks of life, various professional backgrounds and nationalities. Most of our members are professionals with a flexible working schedule, committed to personal growth and learning. Some members have more than five years experience in Toastmasters, others just enrolled a few weeks ago! Learn how to join our community here.


"I first joined Toastmasters 7 years ago at University and have reaped its benefits ever since. Be it better presentations at University or performing well in job interviews. Making videos for my online business or delivering presentations at conferences. I continue to be a Toastmaster because I see it both as a laboratory to experiment as well as a platform that helps me maintain the muscle of public speaking. "


"This is something very personal, which nobody might have noticed, but the day I decided to deliver my speech while focusing on eye contact, I had difficulties to concentrate on my speech, but it paid results, because I had made the effort, and it became little by little less difficult for me. Today, even in one-on-one communication, I manage to look people in the eye (I think I do at least...) !"


"Developing my confidence in public speaking helps me land better consultancy projects, negotiate for a promotion, earn credit for my contributions, and be seen as a leader."


"I primarily joined for connection and confidence. Connection outside of work and Empower Toastmasters Club proved to be a welcoming community. Confidence because my work involves public speaking so weekly Toastmasters meetings improved my confidence. In just one  year I can tell that I have fulfilled these objectives."


"The warm and soft welcome from the whole leading team made me comfortable, and they immediately inspired confidence. The values shared by the team were meaningful to me. I felt we shared the same value of mutual aid, personal development at one's own pace, without pressure but with an appetite for challenges."


"When I was considering a new career path, that  required delivering talks and workshops to professionals, I knew that investing in improving my public speaking abilities would be a key to achieve my goals. Empower Toastmasters club was a good place to start. I eventually decided not to go on the new career path, however, this was actually the time I officially joined as a member of Empower ToastMasters. I understood that improving my public speaking skills - through a well structured program - will benefit me in any path I will choose in life. Moreover, it offered me a fun socialising opportunity seasoned with challenges to sharpen my brain."