Meet the committee

Empower committee strives to provide our members with the optimal club experience.

Toastmasters is often seen primarily as a public speaking organisation but it is also a leadership development program. There are several opportunities for you to develop your leadership abilities in a meaningful way. The Empower Club Executive Committee is elected every year and consists of seven members who are elected by the club members. This committee leads all aspects of club management and also represents us at the wider Toastmasters network.

2020-2021 Empower Committee Members


Club President

Leigh is the current club President and provides the strategic direction for the club as well as providing helpful and supportive leadership for all the club’s activities. Leigh is originally from Australia and has lived in Asia for seven years working predominantly for the Australian government including six years based in Thailand servicing the SE Asia region and one year in China. He is experienced in leading teams focused on economic and international business development and is passionate about the theory and practice of change and continual learning. Leigh holds a Masters in International Business and a Bachelor of Economics.

Leadership Values:

Inclusiveness, Innovation and Integrity


VP Education

Bua oversees the club meeting agendas and supports members in their educational pursuits. Born in Bangkok, Thailand as a young child Bua was diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disorder known as reading disability, which affects the brain's areas that process language. With her love for communication and continuous support from her family, Bua has found a way to overcome her childhood difficulty. She has a professional and educational background in communication and management. Bua joined Empower Toastmasters to conquer her fear of public speaking, one meeting at a time!

Leadership values:

Courage, Dignity, Humility


VP Membership

Nozomi supports the club by maintaining member relations and recruiting new members. She is of Japanese-Ecuadorian descent and made Asia her home just seven years ago. After leaving her career in logistics and commodity trading, she is now navigating through her most demanding job so far, motherhood. The club has empowered Nozomi to immerse into the world of non-for-profit and actively pursue projects in topics dear to her heart; early childhood education and recycling.

Leadership Values: Adaptability, Curiosity, Honesty


VP Public Relations

Tchissole supports the club with promotional content across several online platforms to attract new members and share the club's benefits. She is originally from Portuguese-Angolan descent and has lived in Asia for a total of 19 years. She moved to Thailand in 2016 and joined her first Toastmaster club in 2018. With a background in Human Resources, she has worked extensively in the private sector and now collaborates in the area of social entrepreneurship. She is passionate about empowering others with special focus on women’s leadership. Tchissole has a university degree in Human Resources Management and Sociology from the UK.

Leadership Values:

Empathy, Integrity, Trust


Club Secretary

Stéphanie assists the club and the committee officers whenever needed for meetings organisation, communication, club administration and logistic matters. She ensures members are well informed of the committee's activities and involved in the club life. Stéphanie moved to Thailand about 2 years ago. It was her first experience of an expat life. Previously she worked in the environment field, most of her speeches are “eco-friendly”. For her, being a committed member at Empower is an opportunity to build new skills, such as public speaking, team working, decision-making and listening abilities.

Leadership Values:

Kindness, Generosity, Simplicity


Club Treasurer

Pongsakorn currently serves as club’s treasurer. He is responsible for club financial management and planning. He attended UCSD, USA for a Masters degree in Computer Science and worked for in Seattle, USA as a Software Engineer for almost 8 years. He is now back to Thailand and founded a startup company called Indy Dish and has taken a CTO role since then. Pongsakorn is passionate about technology and believes that technology can help make the world a better place.

Leadership Values: Integrity, Compassion, Sustainability