Meet the committee

Empower committee strives to provide our members with the optimal club experience. 

Toastmasters is often seen primarily as a public speaking organisation but it is also a leadership development program. There are several opportunities for you to develop your leadership abilities in a meaningful way. The Empower Club Executive Committee is elected every year and consists of eight members who are elected by the club members. This committee leads all aspects of club management and also represents us at the wider Toastmasters network


Pongsakorn teERAPARPWONG


Pongsakorn is dedicated to sustaining the club's success while equipping members with vital leadership skills for navigating today's ever-changing landscape.

Pongsakorn's involvement extends beyond the club as he co-founded a startup and is deeply passionate about technology. His vision is to infuse the club with an entrepreneurial mindset, fostering an environment that embraces innovation and forward-thinking. 

With his guidance, Empower Toastmasters Club is set to become a dynamic learning hub where members can develop their public speaking and leadership skills and an agile and adaptable approach to life's challenges.

Megha Jindal 


Megha’s role as Vice President of Education is to steer the educational agenda of the club. 

She supports all members in their education goals through mentorship, public speaking progress and speech contests. She joined the club in 2017 and has served in several leadership roles. 


A finance professional by experience, she believes in the power of community to solve common problems. She has catalyzed the BuyNothing and LivetoLearn projects in Bangkok. She is a student of yoga and Thai language. Megha loves learning, running, cooking, reading and writing.

Blair Meehan


Blair's mission as Vice President of Membership is to develop club meetings and activities to serve members at the club and in all areas of their lives. 

A public speaking coach in Bangkok, he is passionate about helping people reach their speaking, leadership, and personal goals. He aims to attract and keep members who are interested in consistent, long-term growth both for themselves and with the team. 

Blair enjoys making rap songs, reading about strategy and self-development, and losing at board games to his much more clever friends.



As a seasoned professional hailing from Ukraine and well-versed in navigating diverse cultural landscapes, Marta brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to the role of Vice President of Public Relations at Empower Toastmasters Club in Bangkok.

Having resided in Chengdu and Shanghai, China, Marta has immersed herself in different environments, honing her communication and relationship-building skills. Her roles as an Event Coordinator at Women in Business in Chengdu and Event Director at AIA Shanghai have equipped her with the necessary insights to tackle all facets of the Public Relations Officer role. She is skilled at organizing events, engaging diverse audiences, and communicating ideas and concepts in a clear and clinical fashion.

With a passion for travel, a penchant for exploring new cultures, and a background in architecture, Marta is eager to leverage her international experiences and creative mindset to elevate the club's public relations initiatives. 

Marta relishes the prospect of contributing to the vibrant community at Empower Toastmasters Club. She looks forward to sharing her expertise and enthusiasm to enhance the club’s reputation and outreach efforts.

Chinatsu Endo


Chinatsu is the club's financial ninja, silently slashing through the jungle of expenses to ensure the Club stays financially fit and fabulous.

Originally from Japan, Chinatsu has traveled to various corners of the world over the past 15 years, including Australia, Zambia, Sudan, South Sudan, Nepal, Kazakhstan, and the US, before finally settling in Thailand. Life abroad has been a transformative experience, broadening her perspectives in ways she never could have imagined.

One unexpected adventure that unfolded in Nepal was her foray into public speaking. Joining the Shangri-La Toastmasters in Kathmandu in 2016 marked the beginning of her journey as a toastmaster. This journey continued as she relocated to Kazakhstan and joined the Almaty Toastmasters. 

What resonates deeply with Chinatsu about Toastmasters is its ethos of continuous improvement. Regardless of one's proficiency in public speaking, there's always room to grow, and feedback is welcomed with open arms. This philosophy mirrors her approach to life, instilling in her the mindset of constant learning and self-improvement.

During her free time, Chinatsu enjoys spending quality time with her family and playing the piano and tennis.

Nuchanath Aumpradithpun


As a Strategist Brain Profiler, Nuchanath’s natural preference is strategy making. She focuses on finding the right solutions and wants the world to “make sense.” She values planning, accuracy, logic, intelligence, and wisdom. She is motivated by vision. Others may see her as a perfectionist. This brain profile bodes well for the Club Secretary role she serves in the 2024-2025 Toastmasters Program Team. 

As a club secretary, Nuchanath handles all administrative tasks and necessary correspondence and communication within the club to keep everyone up to date and on the same page. She anticipates needs before others may even ask her to do them.

Nuchanath is an organizational development consultant, emotional intelligence practitioner, coach, and educator. She designs interventions and training activities that help her clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Nuchanath joined Toastmasters in 2015 to find her confidence voice. She serves as District 97 Past District Director (2020-2021) and is currently a member of six clubs in four Districts: Districts 7, 87, 97, and U.