Meet the committee

Empower committee strives to provide our members with the optimal club experience. 

Toastmasters is often seen primarily as a public speaking organisation but it is also a leadership development program. There are several opportunities for you to develop your leadership abilities in a meaningful way. The Empower Club Executive Committee is elected every year and consists of eight members who are elected by the club members. This committee leads all aspects of club management and also represents us at the wider Toastmasters network


Pongsakorn teERAPARPWONG


Pongsakorn is dedicated to sustaining the club's success while equipping members with vital leadership skills for navigating today's ever-changing landscape.

Pongsakorn's involvement extends beyond the club as he co-founded a startup and is deeply passionate about technology. His vision is to infuse the club with an entrepreneurial mindset, fostering an environment that embraces innovation and forward-thinking. 

With his guidance, Empower Toastmasters Club is set to become a dynamic learning hub where members can develop their public speaking and leadership skills and an agile and adaptable approach to life's challenges.

Megha Jindal 


Megha’s role as Vice President of Education is to steer the educational agenda of the club. 

She supports all members in their education goals through mentorship, public speaking progress and speech contests. She joined the club in 2017 and has served in several leadership roles. 


A finance professional by experience, she believes in the power of community to solve common problems. She has catalyzed the BuyNothing and LivetoLearn projects in Bangkok. She is a student of yoga and Thai language. Megha loves learning, running, cooking, reading and writing.

Priyanka Bahl


As Vice Present of Membership, Priyanka is responsible for new member recruitment and member retention. She joined Empower Toastmasters in 2022 and envisages the club as a stepping stone to personal growth, confidence building, and leadership development. 


Priyanka’s experience is in communications and public relations. She considers herself a people person, is passionate about sustainability topics, and enjoys acting in stage plays.


As Vice President of Membership, Priyanka is responsible for new member recruitment and member retention. She joined empower Toastmasters in 2022 and envisages the club as a steppingstone to personal growth, confidence building and leadership development. 

BUa pratida Charungchitpracharom


Determined to face her long-overdue fear of public speaking, Bua joined Empower Toastmasters in 2020 to speak in public regularly. 

Her experience as an international student of 10+ years in New Zealand, the USA, and later in Switzerland taught her the importance of language early on in life. In her career, Bua has worked in account management at Dentsu Thailand, where she gained first-hand experience in communication management. 

In her role as VPPR, Bua hopes to explore different ways for Empower Toastmasters Club to communicate authentically and sincerely to its stakeholders, especially in today's fast pace online culture. 


Bua is currently serving her second term as Vice President of Public Relations. She served as the club's Vice President of Education from 2020 – 2021. Bua is from Thailand. She enjoys long walks, music, and spending time with her dogs and family at home. 

KLaus Feilkas


He studied physics and worked in tech, but it was his passion for communication that led him to Toastmasters. 

Klaus attended his first Toastmasters club meeting in Singapore, an experience that left a lasting impression on him. He later joined Capitol Toastmasters, one of Bangkok’s leading Toastmasters clubs, in 2015. Since then, Klaus has been an active member of Capitol Toastmasters Club and has served in many leadership roles in his home club and other clubs in District 97. Among his roles at a club, Klaus also served as Chief Judge in many Division, Area, and Club Speech Contests in the District 97 area. 

As treasurer, Klaus manages the club’s finance for Empower Toastmasters and ensures its operation is in good financial standing. Klaus enjoys solving problems and working in a team. He believes that “the problem of the world today is not solved with more technology but with better communication with people.” 

Originally from Munich, Germany. His life as an expatriate has taken him to the USA, Singapore, and later Thailand, where Klaus lives with his wife and daughter. He continues to work on his communication skills in Toastmasters Clubs today.



Eva was born in Hungary and studied and worked in the USA, France, and Canada before arriving in Bangkok in 2022. She joined Empower Toastmasters in October 2023 to overcome her stage fright and become confident speaking with anyone. 

With her 15 years of experience as a teacher, Eva believes that true growth can happen only when we challenge ourselves with situations that are not familiar to us. She enjoys immersing herself in music, sewing, and business management courses. She believes what she enjoys will lead her to a new professional journey. As club secretary, Eva is happy to use her organizational skills to help coordinate club meetings. 

Eva enjoys all the contrast that the city of Bangkok offers: old traditions meet ultra-modern daily life, lost in overwhelming traffic and quiet walks along Klongs; spicy, burning food and a ripe mango.

Nuchanath Aumpradithpun


As Sergeant at Arms, Nuchanath oversees the club's asset management and leads the meeting preparation team. She is a point of contact with Alliance Française Bangkok for Empower Toastmasters Club meeting setup. 

Nuchanath provides educational consultation specializing in organizational development and emotional intelligence-based studies. She designs training programs focusing on the language of emotions to help improve the performance and effectiveness of individuals and teams in organizations. 

She is an educator and a Distinguished Toastmaster. Nuchanath served as Director of Toastmasters District 97 from 2020 to 2021, among her various leadership roles at Empower Toastmasters and several clubs in Toastmasters District 97, District 7, District 87, and District U.

Nuchanath joined Toastmasters in 2015 to improve her communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. She stays in Toastmasters for camaraderie and aims to become more comfortable speaking in public. Her biggest Ah-ha moment was when she realized that failure was not fatal. 

NANA chinatsu Baba


Originally from Osaka, Japan. Nana joined Empower Toastmasters in 2021 while in Bangkok as an expatriate in Thailand. 

Today Nana is back in Japan, leading a team that manages online meetings for Empower Toastmasters Club. As Zoom master, Nana ensures a seamless online experience by using Zoom platform to connect participants worldwide to Room 403 at Alliance Française Bangkok, Thailand. 


Nana worked as an interior consultant and transitioned to working as a city-guide website editor for over ten years. During the same period, she also volunteered as a Japanese language teacher.


Nana loves to visit museums and art galleries. Her passion for art and design has led her to organize an art tour in Japan. She also hosts an online book club solely for the enjoyment of it.